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Mauro (Mark) Farina = Time Records = S.A.I.F.A.M.


One day in 1975 when the group CARAVAN was performing in a castle in Verona in front of 15’000 pumped up fans. Mauro Farina met Giuliano Crivellente, a talented young virtuoso, who was at the time busy working in recording studios and collaborating with many popular Italian artists.
Immediately after their meeting, they began recording songs in Giuliano’s studio and in the following years they wrote more than 1’000 tracks, produced more than 1’500 titles, and sold more than 1’000’000 albums as well as several million singles.

In 1981 Mauro Farina and Giuliano Crivellente established the “FACTORY SOUND STUDIO” and S.A.I.F.A.M. Soon after a few years of getting to know new producers and artists, the first big hit to emerge from the FACTORY SOUND STUDIO was “Hey Hey Guy” by Ken Laszlo. This song was an amazingly huge success and hundreds of thousands of copies were sold worldwide.
The 80’s saw Mauro Farina, Giuliano Crivellente and the FACTORY SOUND STUDIO enjoying countless hits with many, many stars. Their music was sold all over the world, especially in places like Japan, Southeast Asia, Europe and North America. Farina and Crivellente can even get credit for inventing the “Japanese High-Energy” style that is still popular today. By the end of the 80’s, Farina and Crivellente were beginning to receive their first gold discs and this success continued right into the 1990’s.

By this time, they had connections with more producers who would help the machieve continued success as their business grew larger and sold more and more music. Along with the support of Johnny Di Martino, Fabio Serra, and Fabio Turatti, Farina and Crivellente would go on to write and produce numerous more hit singles for the next 10 years. Most notably, “Tell By Your Eyes” by DR. ZIVAGO sold over 500,000 copies and then “What’s Up” by D.J. Miko sold over 1,000,000 copies worldwide! It was in the 1990’s that important S.A.I.F.A.M. labels like “21st Century” and “One Way Records” were born and the globe enjoyed their music year after year.

At the present the S.A.I.F.A.M. group consists of eight different companies: S.A.I.F.A.M. - ARSENIC - LA MATTA/UNION - DANCE POOL - BOMB -S.A.I.F.A.M. MUSIK GERMANY - S.A.I.F.A.M. KOREA - S.A.I.F.A.M. / MEGAHIT USA.

The S.A.I.F.A.M. group owns 6 different recording studios and more then 50 labels. Mauro Farina supervises all productions at all studios. The primary producers are: FABIO SERRA & JOHNNY MIX (THE FACTORY TEAM), FABIO TURATTI (UNIVERSAL STUDIO), ROBY ARDUINI (UNION STUDIOS), ANTONIO PUNTILLO (UNION STUDIOS), PAOLINO NOBILE & ANDREA BOARI (ARSENIC STUDIOS), ALBERTO BINDELLA, ROBY GABRIELLI, with Mauro's agreement of course.

GIULIANO CRIVELLENTE left the S.A.I.F.A.M. group in 1998 and dedicates all histime producing music for kids through his own company. For the occasion of GOLDEN YEARS, he wrote and performed with Mauro the track called "A SIMPLE SONG" where he played the piano and did the background vocals. This was the last performance of Giuliano in the FACTORY SOUND STUDIO. Even though Mauro and Giuliano are great friends, they will now pursue different careers.

Thanks to the outstanding work of the great staff, S.A.I.F.A.M. is considered one of the most important “Independent Dance Music” companies in the world.

With 400 titles and 40 compilations released every year, S.A.I.F.A.M. is selling millions of copies entering several international sales charts. During 1998-1999 some of the most sold tracks were: "Free" and "Rejoice in Love" by BACON POPPER, "Stardust with Dust" by GROOVY 69, "O'Fortuna" by SPIRITUAL PROJECT, "What's Up 2000" by DJ MIKO, "What A Lonely Night" by KEN LASZLO, "Harmonic Groove" by KILL JOY, "Zombie Nation Remix" by KERNKRAFT 400 and of course, many many more.

During these fabulous 19 years Mauro and Giuliano have dedicated a great deal of their life to the dance music world, but the story will go on, hopefully for many years to come. Thanks to the hundred thousands of people that love the music, even if they are only "SIMPLE SONGS"!

Today, S.A.I.F.A.M. is a big, fast moving vibrant company with great projects, labels and artists. With many joint ventures and corporate offices all around the world, the collaborators are numerous, but the key people who have been with the company for a long time are always the same: MAURO FARINA with TIZIANA FRACASSO & CRISTINA ZOCCATELLI.

A special thanks to them for their precious and long lasting support.

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